Thursday, May 24

Become, Public Art

NYC Department of Parks & Recreation "Temporary Public Art Program" has been committed to abetting the creation and installation of public art since the end of the 60's. They facilitate display of artist's work in parks throughout the five boroughs.
Rebecca Pollock, SVA graduate, created "Become" for the Temporary Public Art Program.

"Rebecca Pollock, Become
December 2005 to December 2006
Mural for Taffee Playground, Taffee Pl, Park & Myrtle Aves,

Image: courtesy of the artist


This mural covers a temporary wall adjacent to Taffee Playground. The subject of it relates to the omnipresence of litter in the neighborhood surrounding the playground. The artist selected the black plastic shopping bag as a symbol of this urban problem. "Rather than focus on the carelessness that this object represents when found in the street, I've chosen to sculpt it into another kind of debris: a leaf," says Rebecca Pollock, the artist. "Become encourages others to make similar leaps of the imagination with all the elements of their environment. I hope that this image will promote a spirit of making something beautiful out of something ugly and making the most out of limitation."

Monday, May 14

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